[Samba] Question about rpcclient

Timo Denissen denissen at univention.de
Fri Sep 24 09:23:40 MDT 2010


I have a problem concerning Samba, CUPS and rpcclient: When I add a printer 
using CUPS and share it with samba I enter a location and a comment, the latter 
is shown in Microsoft Windows network neighborhood as a comment (as it should 
be), but the location is not set. When I do a "rpcclient -U 
user%pass -c 'getprinter <printer> 2' localhost" I get some nice info, but the 
location is not set (but in CUPS it is). When I open the printer preferences in 
Microsoft Windows and change the location it is saved and shown 
using "rpcclient...". How Can I add the location without using Microft Windows 
so that every client, that want's to connect to that printer object can see the 
set location and comment?

Best regards
Timo Denissen

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