[Samba] RHEL 5

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Thu Sep 23 10:39:27 MDT 2010

On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 11:35:29AM -0400, Robert Freeman-Day wrote:
> If you pay for SerNet support, you may get those bugs fixed.  Neither
> Red Hat, nor Samba upstream will likely support SerNet provided
> packages...it pretty much says that on the relevant pages.  I suspect
> the samba.org bug reports are the wrong place to bark.  If an upstream
> developer wants to correct me on this feel free to weigh in.
> Travis, stick with the facts and tell your client that RHEL 5 only
> supports their 3.3.x version, but may to a best effort on tarballed
> installations, and may...MAY help with SerNet....but I would verify that
> with Red Hat.

We provide the packages as a free service to the community.
If you need bugs fixed for your production, you should
really consider paying someone.

If you have problems you believe are specific to the SerNet
packages, you should contact SerNet (samba at sernet.de). We
will do our best to quickly help you for free, but expect
that due to paying customer load we relatively quickly route
you to our sales for a support contract.

We know that bugzilla.samba.org has risen to silly
proportions, but there are only very few people who are able
to spend time on it. We could certainly benefit from more
people going over the bugs and for example try to reproduce
them on current releases. This does not require developer
skills, it is a matter of stamina to go through them with
the bug reporter.

A good bug report that has an exact description about the
exact circumstances is almost certain to be more quickly
fixed than just the "it does not work" message. We are very
well aware that many of our users are just not able to do
the diagnosis required, so anybody on this list with a
little more knowledge is heartily invited to help in this
area. Going through the bugs and trying to reproduce them is
a very good way to learn Samba. Believe me, as a very
long-term Samba contributor I have learned a *LOT* from bug
reports and I still do.


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