[Samba] vfs_acl_xattr - moving files/folders

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Wed Sep 22 03:21:00 MDT 2010

> We've been using samba 3.3.9 with vfs_acl_xattr for some time now, and we do
> have one issue - when someone moves a file from one place to another (in
> Windows), it keeps the old ACLs instead of inheriting the new ones. I understand
> why this is happening (moving as opposed to copying, which actually makes a new
> file, and thus attains new ACLs as well), so I would just like to know if this
> has already been resolved in latest versions of samba.
> btw, I see it is still marked as experimental in 3.5.x - can we get some more
> info on the progress of this module? Apart from the above-mentioned issue we had
> absolutely no problems with vfs_acl_xattr, and it really simplifies the handling
> of ACLs on Windows clients.

This is not an "issue" to be resolved. This is the normal (and correct) 
behavior of Windows, which of course Samba replicates.

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