[Samba] Machine account reject - additional troubleshooting

Mark Nienberg gmane at tippingmar.com
Mon Sep 20 17:59:34 MDT 2010

On 9/16/2010 10:15 PM, Martin Hochreiter wrote:
>> Hi Miguel,
>> Thanks for the reply. I tried these changing these two settings and it
>> has not made a difference for us.
>> One interesting observation I have made is that the logs are only being
>> flooded from a portion of our Windows 7 machines. This has me really
>> puzzled -- I have built them all following the same steps and using the
>> same software. Go figure.
>> -Bryan
> Hi Brian, Hi Miguel!
> Yes, the changes don't work for me either - I opened a bug
> at bugzilla.samba.org, maybe the developer could tell more about that.
> @Brian - you are right, not all of the windows7 machines show that behaviour.
> And I am not sure if that problem is only samba-ldap related (I saw a few
> statements that samba-tdbsam does not show that problem)

I just want to add that I see the same error messages on our network and we
use samba 3.4.8 with smbpasswd for our backend.  So it is not necessarily related to 

Again, it only happens for windows 7 clients and everything works fine in spite of 
the errors.

Mark Nienberg
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