[Samba] Setting a vampired Samba4 as RID Master

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Mon Sep 20 00:10:18 MDT 2010

[root at node1 ~]# net fsmo --help
usage: (show | transfer <options> | seize <options>)

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --host=HOST           LDB URL for database or target server
  --force               Force seizing of the role without attempting to
                        transfer first.
  --role=ROLE           The FSMO role to seize or transfer.
                        rid=RidAllocationMasterRole  schema=SchemaMasterRole
                        infrastructure=InfrastructureMasterRole  all=all of
                        the abov

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  Dear All,

I vampired a Samba4 from a Windows 2003 Server AD. My idea was to 
transfer all users and groups, then shutdown the Windows 2003 AD and 
promote Samba4 as Operations Master. I have been able to do so with the 
Infrastructure and Main Domain Controller roles but not with the RID 
role. Is there a hack or manual operation I can do to have a completely 
independent AD based on Samba4 that will mantain all users and groups 
from the former Windows 2003 AD.

I'm not sure if this question belongs to samba or samba-technical but I 
will start here to avoid bugging the guys on the technical list.

Kind regards and thanks in advance for your help,
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