[Samba] Word/Excel documents cannot be saved after Samba Upgrade

Björn Jacke bj at SerNet.DE
Sat Sep 18 00:25:49 MDT 2010

On 2010-09-17 at 15:14 +0200 Karsten Hoffmann sent off:
> Yes it could be solved. The problem was a outdated kernel and glibc
> version and the utimensat() call. Samba 3.5.4 needs Linux Kernel minimum
> 2.6.22.  

sorry, this is nonsense. Also latest Samba releases probably also run on 2.0
kernels. The only problem in this case is that Debian distributes a (XEN-)
kernel which is considerably older than the glibc they distribute for that
distribution. This is considered to be broken for good reasons and not
supported by the glibc/kernel folks.


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