[Samba] Machine account reject - additional troubleshooting

Martin Hochreiter linuxbox at wavenet.at
Thu Sep 16 23:15:17 MDT 2010

>Hi Miguel,

>Thanks for the reply.  I tried these changing these two settings and it
>has not made a difference for us.
>One interesting observation I have made is that the logs are only being
>flooded from a portion of our Windows 7 machines.  This has me really
>puzzled -- I have built them all following the same steps and using the
>same software.  Go figure.

Hi Brian, Hi Miguel!

Yes, the changes don't work for me either - I opened a bug
at bugzilla.samba.org, maybe the developer could tell more about that.
@Brian - you are right, not all of the windows7 machines show that behaviour.
And I am not sure if that problem is only samba-ldap related (I saw a few
statements that samba-tdbsam does not show that problem)


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