[Samba] VFS objects and mount_smbfs on Mac?

Dirk Langner dirk.langner at tcs.com
Thu Sep 16 06:16:25 MDT 2010

Hi all, 

Is that intended to work? I have a Mac client connected to a Samba share 
on a linux server (samba 3.2.0). For debugging purposes I've set up a VFS 
object on my share, which shall trace the actions on the filesystem. 

guest ok = yes
vfs object = full_audit
full_audit:success = all
full_audit:failure = all
full_audit:facility = LOCAL7
full_audit:priority = ALERT

and adjusted the log parameters to 

log level = 0 vfs:10

and got the output suddenly according to the syslog in to the file 

Now I've mounted this share to a Mac (10.6.?) using this command as user
mount_smbfs //user:pw at server/share /Users/Shared/share

When entering this directory I don't get any entries into the log file 
(localmessages), which shall trace the activities. Finder doesn't work 
either. But when accessing the share using smbclient, I get every action 
traced. But entering the _mounted_ (smbfs) directory, the full_audit trace 
does not produce any output. 

Are the VFS objects not working on _mounted_ directories or am I missing 

Thanks for help, 

P.S.: I can't access the systems right now, so I can't provide more 
detailed infos about software releases at the moment etc.

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