[Samba] SAMBA share permissions all other known users

Dale Schroeder dale at BriannasSaladDressing.com
Wed Sep 15 11:34:20 MDT 2010

  Add "valid users = RAJU\bk1234, RAJU\pa7263" to the share definition.


      valid users (S)

    This is a list of users that should be allowed to login to this
    service. Names starting with '@', '+' and '&' are interpreted using
    the same rules as described in the /|invalid users|/ parameter.

    If this is empty (the default) then any user can login. If a
    username is in both this list and the /|invalid users|/ list then
    access is denied for that user.

    The current servicename is substituted for /|%S|/. This is useful in
    the [homes] section.

    Default: //|valid users|/ = | # No valid users list (anyone can
    login) | /

    Example: //|valid users|/ = |greg, @pcusers| /

On 09/15/2010 6:27 AM, ****@ppu wrote:
> hi all,
> i have integrated SAMBA with active directory and everthing is working .
> however in share defination i want to give write permissions to  few users
> and read access to few users.
> i have mentioned  write list and read list in samba config file as follows.
> this is working but all other known users (domain users) are getting read
> access . is there any way to restirct the same :( . this problem is eating
> my head.
> [shared]
>          comment =  Management
>          path = "/shares/Reports"
>          write list = RAJU\bk1234
>          read list = RAJU\pa7263
>          directory mask = 0777
> Please help me out.
> Regards
> Appaji.p

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