[Samba] smbclient sending no frames outside local VLAN

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 07:24:32 MDT 2010

Is the print server a samba server or a CUPS server?  If it is a CUPS server
then maybe the smbclient is not the appropriate printing tool.  I believe
CUPS can share printers via several printing protocols (e.g. IPP and LPD.)
I don’t know if it can make the printer appear to be a windows shared

Do you have any samba client's on the same VLAN as the print server?  Can
you move the MacBook Pro to the same VLAN as the print server?  This would
isolate if the problem really is related to the VLAN.

My understanding of VLAN's is limited, but I believe it functions on the
network layer 2 (same as Ethernet) and not on layer 3 (i.e. IP protocol.)
Thinks like broadcasts might be blocked but connections to specific IP's
should not be affected.

If I understand correctly the two VLAN's still correspond to separate tcp/ip
class B subnets.  

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[I don't know whether this is the appropriate list, if not please let me
know to whom to write. I submitted this as a CUPS bug and they replied by
asking me to contact the "Samba folks"
 I guess that is you]


I'm using a MacBook Pro with MacOS X 10.6.4 and am trying to print on my
company's printer accessible via samba.
Whenever I try to access the print server via smbclient I get:

pc-salsa-info-092:py yannis$ smbclient -L vss-cups-03.priv.enst-bretagne.fr
-U yharalam Error connecting to (Host is down) Connection to
vss-cups-03.priv.enst-bretagne.fr failed (Error NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)

Actually the print server is alive and perfectly accessible via ping.

The print server IP is outside my VLAN (my IP is and the mask When I do an smbclient to a machine in my VLAN I get a quite
different result:

pc-salsa-info-092:py yannis$ smbclient -L -U yharalam timeout
connecting to timeout connecting to Error
connecting to (Operation already in progress) Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)

Which means that the is seen while the print server
is not.

Surprisingly, when I do a tcpdump, I see outgoing frames in the first case
(inside VLAN), but not in the second (outside VLAN). In other words: when
attempting a smb connection outside my VLAN, MacOS X will not even send a
single frame. 

My firewall is deactivated. What can be the cause of this refusal to do a
smb connection? Is this a configuration problem?
Strange as it may seem, I managed to print the first day, the problem only
appeared the second day and I still cannot print at all.

Thanks in advance for any advice
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