[Samba] Admin Privs When Joining Domain

Nicholas Betcher nbetcher at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 20:04:40 MDT 2010

When I attempt to join the domain using YaST (openSUSE's system
configuration tool) or 'net join DOMAIN,' it prompts me for a network
admin's username/password. The IT network admin already manually joined the
machine to the network's AD domain (server-side), but Samba still needs a
username/password. The workstations are batch-installs and are unattended,
so we need a way to allow the machine to authenticate users without
providing the admin password each time.

So my question is: why does Samba ask for a network username/password even
though the machine was already manually joined by the network admin to the
AD domain server? Is there a way to circumvent this while preserving the
workstation's ability to authenticate network users?

P.S. Yes, I did post about this already - and received no reply - but
hopefully this email has less erroneous information.

Nick Betcher

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