[Samba] Machine account reject

Martin Hochreiter linuxbox at wavenet.at
Sat Sep 11 02:19:20 MDT 2010

> I wish to strongly advise that you do not do this.  You should not
> enable lanman auth - it is not required by any client since windows
> 2000.  It has nothing at all to do with 'netlogon_creds_server_check  
> failed', I suspect the issue has happened because your Windows 7  
> clients have
> changed their machine account password, but try and use the new password
> 'too soon'.  Once the password has replicated back to the local DC, then
> everything works - in the meantime, they may try and succeed with their
> old password. Andrew Bartlett

Hello Andrew!

I am happy that I must not use lanman ...

I am afraid that it has nothing to do with the regular machine password
change, as I set the Reject Machine Password change on sambas domain  
ldap entry
and additionally I set a registry entry in windows to disable machine  
account password change.
After that - i took the clients out of the domain and rejoined them .... still
the same netlogon errors.

I have no hint where to troubleshoot - maybe setting windows 7 to ntlmv2 only


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