[Samba] Samba4, file permissions not respected

Philip M. White pmw at qnan.org
Thu Sep 9 22:46:29 MDT 2010

Hi, all,

I run the latest Samba4 with Windows 7 clients.

I have a share that I created in smb.conf like so:
   path = /home/pmw/installed/samba/common-share
   csc policy = manual
   read only = no

Within it, I created a file using a regular user.  That file has
fine-looking security: that user has full permissions, Everyone has
read-only permissions.

'getfattr' on that file results in this:

However, another user is able to modify that file -- but not delete it.
When that other user tries to delete that file, Samba says:
../ntvfs/posix/pvfs_acl.c:567 denied access to '/home/pmw/installed/samba/common-share/philip-file.txt' - wanted 0x01000000 but got 0x001201ff (missing 0x01000000)

...but no such message appears when the other user changes the file.

Right now, it appears that Samba does not respect Windows' ACLs.

I'd like only the originating user to have write access to that file.
Am I doing something wrong?


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