[Samba] samba acl - able to change permissions that contradict user security setting

suresh.kandukuru at emc.com suresh.kandukuru at emc.com
Tue Sep 7 23:43:29 MDT 2010

Dear friends, I am having following issue on my samba device . Please help me on this.

1) created share "test" given read and write access to the user "admin" and read only access to user "user1".

2) from my windows PC logged into the samba share  "test " with "admin"  user . created subfolder in that "test_subfolder".

3) on that subfolder  , from the windows security tab I could add user "user1" and can give read and write access to  that.
How to prevent this ??. Actually on the share "test" user1 has read only access .How samba code is allowing to change permissions that contradict user security settings.

4) when I login to share "test" with "user1" , I cannot write into subfolder "test_subfolder"

This is smb.conf for "test" share part ..
path= /mnt/samba/shares/SP0/test/
max connections= 50
max connections= 250
directory mode= 0777
create mode= 0777
follow symlinks= yes
wide links= no
nt acl support= yes
dos filemode= yes
writeable= no
valid users= "admin" "user1"
read list= "user1"
store dos attributes= yes
write list= "admin"

I am anticipating your reply.


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