[Samba] preserve windows create/modify dates

Derek Lewis dlewis at mtu.edu
Tue Sep 7 00:19:50 MDT 2010

I have Samba 3.4.7 installed and running though I cannot get extended
attributes to work completely.


If this version of Samba will support it, I want to configure my shares to
preserve the create and modified date information for my Windows files.  At
present, create date is set to the modified; though the accessed date is


I have formatted my RAID in ext4 and enabled extended user attributes.  I
have checked the extended attribute functions with getattr and setattr


In the global section of my smb.conf file, I have the following set:


ea support = yes

store dos attributes = yes

map readonly = no

map archive = no

map system = no

map hidden = no


When I run testparm, only the map archive, and map readonly are listed for
some reason.


I have searched through numerous threads looking for a solution, and it
seemed this was not commonly used feature.


If there are workarounds, I would entertain them.

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