[Samba] SAMBA4 kinit fails

Neil Balchin neil at neilandjo.com
Sun Sep 5 21:19:59 MDT 2010

I'm trying to test Samba4 as an AD style pdc.

following the instructions at http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba4/HOWTO

at step 9 I get 

root at pdc:~# kinit administrator at MYDOMAIN.COM
kinit: Cannot contact any KDC for realm 'MYDOMAIN.COM' while getting initial credentials
root at pdc:~#

and yet

host -t SRV _kerberos._udp.mydomain.com


_kerberos._udp.mydomain.com has SRV record 0 100 88 pdc.mydomain.com.


root at pdc:~# host pdc.mydomain.com
pdc.mydomain.com has address

during provisioning I see there is a krb5.conf  file created,  does it need to be moved anywhere special ?  is this perhaps my issue ?

I can't figure out why kinit isn't working for me


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