[Samba] CTDB fails to set routes

Jason Russler jrussler at helix.nih.gov
Thu Sep 2 13:26:43 MDT 2010

I've seen some minimal traffic on this issue but no resolution or cause.

OS: CentOS 5.5, kernel 2.6.18-194.8.1.el5

 From the CTDB scripts, docs, website, it's implied that


should get triggered after a take_ip event.  I've configured 
"/etc/ctdb/static-routes" and followed the scripts and functions around 
such that it looks like it should get run but it never does.

Additionally, the docs distributed with the source seem to indicate that 
the numbered prefixes on the event scripts need to be unique.  CTDB 
installed with two 11.* scripts.  Assuming they get parsed in some 
unknown order, it shouldn't matter with the 11.* scripts because the 
non-applicable one should exit anyway since it doesn't have a matching 
config file.

I would like CTDB to set a route when it takes over an IP for the 
external (routed) network.  IP take-overs and shuffling IPs around the 
nodes in the cluster works fine.  Routes are simply not getting set. 
Ones that are manually set by me are blown-away whenever an IP takeover 

Is there something I'm missing for getting the routing event script to 
trigger?  I get the same behavior with CVS builds and the older 
"Enterprise Samba" CTDB RPM that appears to be from some time in March.

It appears that the simple presence of a correctly formatted 
"/etc/ctdb/static-routes" file should be all that's necessary to get the 
routes event to work.  Any info or advice would be warmly welcomed.  Thanks,


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