[Samba] user permissions

Murat Can Tuna tuna at ptt.uni-due.de
Wed Sep 1 08:36:44 MDT 2010


I have a problem about reaching my share folder when the permission is 
750 but whenever I change it to 755 I can see the content of the folder.

for 750 I get this result:
"smbclient //serverip/sharename -U username"

smb: \> ls

                 0 blocks of size 0. 9 blocks available
smb: \>

but for 755 everything is fine but of course I don't get any write 
permission. Doesn't it mean that my samba user is seem as other? if yes 
what could be the reason? It comes to me, something goes terribly wrong.

Thanks in advance

Murat Can Tuna

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