[Samba] MSDFS feature not working in samba 3.3.12

Chandan Dewangan sandalcld at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 02:21:50 MDT 2010


I downloaded samba 3.3.12 and installed it in Aix6l with following
configuration option:
./configure  --without-libaddns    --without-libsmbsharemodes
--with-acl-support  --without-ldap --without-utmp --with-libiconv=/usr

Now When I am trying to set host msdfs = yes ,and want to use MSDFS feature
It doesn't show me any message but also it does not work.
My conf file is like
        security = user
        host msdfs = yes
        path = /t2
        msdfs root = yes
        public = yes
        path = /samba

and in /t2 I made a link by following command :
ln -s msdfs:machine2\\share dir.

Can any one tell me where I am doing wrong and provide me solution to set
msdfs feature on in samba 3.3.12.

However when I tried same process with samba 3.2.0 It works fine.


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