[Samba] Implementing Samba4

Juan Asensio Sánchez okelet at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 01:42:45 MDT 2010


I am trying to install Samba 4 on a Ubuntu 10.04 Server machine. I have
downloaded the sources, compiled it and installed. Now I have to do the
provision step. I want to use an existing LDAP server (389 Directory Server)
installed in other machine (well, really a lot of machines, yet configured
for replication). Also, the servers only accept SSL connections. But all the
examples I have seen in the Samba Wiki use ldapi. I have tried a lot of
commands to configure the provisioning, but I don't understand what this
step does:

- Create any special user in the LDAP server?
- Create any branches in the LDAP server?
- Add any schema?

What should be the command to make Samba work with my LDAP servers, with
SSL? The LDAP servers also have yet user and group data (also Samba3 domain,
but it is not being used).

After the provisioning, I have seen that is needed to start the LDAP server
using start-slapd of the Samba package. What? What is this for?

And one last question, is it possible to create interdomain trust with the
current version of Samba4?

Regards and thanks in advance.

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