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Wed Oct 20 02:45:58 MDT 2010

initialized my openldap server with top entry and Manager entry, as samba
HOWTO and openldap quick guide instructed, and here is related smb.conf

        ldap admin dn = cn=Manager,dc=MYAD,dc=COM
        ldap idmap suffix = ou=Idmap
        ldap suffix = dc=MYAD,dc=COM
        idmap backend = ldap:"ldap://myldapserver"
        idmap uid = 10000-1000000
        idmap gid = 10000-1000000

This may seem stupid but I'm not sure
2.1 Who is responsible to add entries for MYAD users into openldap server
(when MYAD users connect to samba server)? Automatically by samba or a
script is needed here?
2.2 Do I need to create another 'dc=YAAD,dc=COM' for the trusted domain YAAD
on openldap server?

Help? Rookie questions, thanks for your patience.


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