[Samba] SAMBA weird situation

czezz czezz at o2.pl
Sun Oct 31 13:07:56 MDT 2010

No its not a matter of hidden files.
Each file has "-rwxr--r--" and belong to guest account "smbuser"
But permission doesnt matter here. I can set chmod 777 * and still wont see all files.

Share is set to ba accessable to everyone with no authentication.

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Dnia 25 października 2010 4:29 "Gaiseric Vandal" <gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com> napisał(a):

> In windows, do you change the folder settings so that any  hidden files and
> system files are displayed.  
> In Linux, are you using "ls -a" to show any hidden files?
> In Linux/unix, if you have "r" rights on the parent directory you should be
> able to see all files with "ls -a", even the hidden ones (which have a . in
> front of the file name.)  Depending on how samba is configured the "x" bits
> on Linux may be used as the DOS hidden or system flags.
> What version of Linux?  What file system on linux?  It looks like it is
> probably old enough that you are NOT using extended file systems acl's
> (beyond the basic ugo and rwx.)
> What version of Windows?
> Can you recreate this with non dbase files?
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> Samba: Version 2.2.10
> Kernel: 2.4.31
> There is share on the server (for DBASE app) with following config:
>         comment = zwierzaki 2.5.04N
>         path = /pub/zwierz/
>         force user = smbguest
>         read only = No
>         guest only = Yes
>         guest ok = Yes
>         dos filetime resolution = Yes
> I have found weird situation:
> - not every file in shared dir is visible under windows but all files are
> visable under unix
> - file created under linux is not visable under windows
> - file created under windows is not visable under linux
> I know it sounds weird, like DBASE shouldn work... but it does.
> I will try to restart server on maintenance window as the uptime is 223d
> 11:11:17.69 - maybe it helps.
> Any other ideas what may be wrong ?

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