[Samba] GPLv3 and Mac OS X

Stephen Norman stenorman2001 at me.com
Sat Oct 30 01:48:46 MDT 2010

This may have been raised before and if so I apologise for not being able to find it.

I was wondering if someone on the list can please explain the relationship that GPLv3 has in preventing Apple from distributing updated builds with their operating systems. I've read over the GPLv3 (I'm not lawyer or anything) and I would guess it has something to do with the patent agreements?

I'll admit that I'm not too happy with the GPLv3 and think that, ironically, it is in many ways as restrictive (and in some ways even more so) than closed source software. That's only my opinion though and I understand where it may be useful.

Regardless of my opinion, I would like to know about GPLv3 vs. Apple Mac OS X and if there are any plans (i.e. Samba 4) that would allow the software to again be shipped with the operating system.

Many thanks,


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