[Samba] cannot set right file's group after group mapping?

王涛 xiao_wt at 163.com
Wed Oct 27 04:30:48 MDT 2010

Hi All,
when i did testing with group mapping, i mapped a Unix Group(domadm) with Windows Domain Group(domain users).  then i access a samba share from Windows Domain User(administrator), and create a file. but the file's group is still Windows Domain Group(domain user), not Unix Group(domadm). is it right?  if it is, how should i check if my group mapping is working well?  thanks a lot in advance.
following is my steps.
1. create unix group & users.
test01:/var/lib/samba # getent group domadm
2. map "domadm" to Windows group "Domain Users"
test01:/var/lib/samba # net groupmap add unixgroup="domadm" ntgroup="Domain Users" type=d
No rid or sid specified, choosing a RID
Got RID 3015
Successfully added group Domain Users to the mapping db as a domain group
#check mapping
test01:/var/lib/samba # net groupmap list
Domain Users (S-1-5-21-495323680-4097577397-3625727858-3015) -> domadm
#check members
test01:/var/lib/samba # net rpc group members "Domain Users" -Uroot
Enter root's password:
3. access a samba share from Windows XP with user "administrator", then create a file.
4. ls -l the file:
test01:/vx/fs1 # ls -l New\ Text\ Document.txt
-rwxr--r-- 1 administrator domain users     0 Oct 27 07:46 New Text Document.txt
the file's group is still "domain users". should it be "domadm"?


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