[Samba] Folder ACLs

Derek Lewis dlewis at mtu.edu
Mon Oct 25 03:04:30 MDT 2010

I am running Samba 3.6 and I have implemented extended attributes and acls
for my shares.  I want to make directory behavior as similar as possible to
client Windows XP.


When I open the properties tab on a directory in a share, under user names I
see two additional users: CREATOR GROUP and CREATOR OWNER.  This seems to be
a consequence of the ACL translation, as copying or moving this directory
back to the PC results in the user list to the same users as the directories
on the PC.  The inherit permissions flag is not set on the share folder
although it is set on the PC.


I have tried to edit the folder permissions from the Windows property menu
for both the file owner as well as the CREATOR OWNER user above, and the
making a change as deselecting full control flag, reverts back to the
original state. 


I can post my configuration if required, I intended to map permissions as
directly as possible, though leave them flexible so that I can edit them
later if required.


I saw the posting earlier regarding an experimental patch for Samba 3.6 ACL
handling.  Are these changes already included in the next version of 3.x



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