[Samba] SAMBA weird situation

czezz czezz at o2.pl
Sun Oct 24 13:53:23 MDT 2010

Samba: Version 2.2.10
Kernel: 2.4.31

There is share on the server (for DBASE app) with following config:

        comment = zwierzaki 2.5.04N
        path = /pub/zwierz/
        force user = smbguest
        read only = No
        guest only = Yes
        guest ok = Yes
        dos filetime resolution = Yes

I have found weird situation:
- not every file in shared dir is visible under windows but all files are visable under unix
- file created under linux is not visable under windows
- file created under windows is not visable under linux

I know it sounds weird, like DBASE shouldn work... but it does.
I will try to restart server on maintenance window as the uptime is 223d 11:11:17.69 - maybe it helps.

Any other ideas what may be wrong ?

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