[Samba] Roaming profiles and delete files reappearing.

Andrea Venturoli ml.diespammer at netfence.it
Wed Oct 20 06:50:11 MDT 2010


I see a lot of people having this problem, but found not solution so far.

The setup: samba 3.0.37 on FreeBSD 7.3/i386 acting as PDC; a similar BDC 
(only amd64) and XP clients.
Users have roaming profiles on the PDC.

What happens is:
_ a laptop user disconnects from the network (so the local and server 
profiles are fully synchronized);
_ at home [s]he deletes some files;
_ back in the office, he connects to the net and logons;
_ Windows copies everything missing back from the net, so what [s]he 
deleted is there again.

This happens on more than one client (although I cannot tell if it 
happens on all of them).

Considering other replies I've seen:
_ I already disabled offline caching on the profile's share;
_ I disabled Windows restore points;
_ I have no folder redirections;
_ the users only use their computer (they do not logon on different ones);
_ the clocks are synchronized;
_ the clients are updated to the latest SP.

No errors are logged in smbd.log or in Windows's Event Viewer or 
displayed at logon/logoff.

 From full_audit's log, I see that, at logon, Windows succesfully reads 
any file that is in the server copy of the profile.

My guess is that the client does not do any date comparison to check 
which profile is newer, but I have no idea why.

Any help?

  bye & Thanks

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