[Samba] samba caching group memberships

Brian Cowan brcowan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 04:20:03 MDT 2010

Actually, this group cache behavior is *Windows* behavior. Group membership
is loaded at login time and not refreshed until you log out and back in.

It's annoying @ times. Having been a Novell NetWare user in my ancient past,
it was something of a shock to me too.

Brian C.
On Oct 21, 2010 2:35 AM, "Vladimir Vassiliev" <vova at edu.yar.ru> wrote:
> Hi all,
> our setup is Samba 3.3 in W2K8 domain.
> It seems samba cache group memberships somewhere and after adding user to
a new group it's necessary
> to relogin for that user to get new memberships. Is it possible to
eliminate that nasty procedure?
> Thanks.
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> Vladimir Vassiliev
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