[Samba] samba4 servers with one "master" sam.ldb

Magnus Benngård magnus.b at inputinterior.se
Sun Oct 17 03:02:21 MDT 2010

Hi all!

First of all i would like to say that i am not a Samba4 guru so my question
may be "stupid". I have 2 Samba4 servers up and runnning:

Server 1:
 netbios name = PDC
 workgroup = GBG
 server role = domain controller 

Server 2:
 netbios name = PDC
 workgroup = MLM
 server role = domain controller 

Here comes my question, can I in some way modify Server 2, so it fetches
the user accounts from Server 1? I do want to keep different workgroups. 

For example, I create a user "mabe" on server 1, within some minute or so I
would like that user to be on server 2 to, and if "mabe" changes the
password on server 2, it should be replicated to server 1. 

Any advice plz and again sorry if my question is stupid. 



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