[Samba] Problems with Windows 7 on domain, Samba server not

Joshua J. Kugler joshua at eeinternet.com
Fri Oct 15 14:09:45 MDT 2010

[Accidentally sent this to Gaiseric. Oops]

On Wednesday 13 October 2010, Gaiseric Vandal elucidated thus:
> Do you have an account (or accounts) for on the samba server for the
> Windows user(s)?

The account names are the same on the server and in the domain.

> Are the passwords the same? 

No. Their domain password is not the same as their system password.

> Does the samba server "workgroup" name match the domain name on the
> windows clients?


> Can you use the "username map" option in smb.conf and have a username
> map file that maps "DOMAIN/user" to "user" ?

Had not tried that,  But neither




allows me to log in from the Windows 7 system, so I'm not sure what's up 

As I mentioned, using

net use w: \\server_name * /USER:<user_name>

works just fine.


> On 10/12/2010 06:45 PM, Joshua J. Kugler wrote:
> > I've googled and read, and haven't run across any solutions to this
> > problem. Yes, I know about the "Network Security: LAN Manager
> > authentication level" change, but, as you will see, this isn't the
> > issue.
> >
> > Samba 3.4.7
> > Windows 7
> >
> > Windows machine is on a domain. Samba box is *not* on a domain.
> >
> > Windows insists on adding the domain to the user name when browsing
> > to Samba machine. Saving credentials and editing in Credential
> > Manager kind of works, and the Samba share will open once the
> > password is entered yet another time (don't know why)but it only
> > saves it until logout.
> >
> > Adding the samba host/user/pass in Generic Credentials doesn't seem
> > to make windows use that user/pass for that host.  Ideas?
> >
> > Oh, and using 'net use...' with the Samba system's user/pass works
> > just GREAT, and we may resort to that, but were trying to avoid it.
> >
> > Any other tricks I can do? So users can easily log in from the GUI?
> >
> > j

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