[Samba] Samba-3-server and MS ADS / MSSFU-schema

Wilhelm wilhelm.meier at fh-kl.de
Wed Oct 6 01:12:50 MDT 2010


my question is: can I use MS ADS with MSSFU-schema extension together
with samba3?

We have a MS-ADS with all MSSFU attributes filled, so that nix-client
using pam/nss-ldap can use the ADS for authentication and
in nss. The nix-clients can also mount MS-shares as their
home-directories (pam-cifs).

Additionaly, we need to have a linux file server using samba3. No the
question is: can the samba server use the ADS as ldapsam? Quite sure,
that this is impossible, because samba needs its samba... attributes.

I experimented with openldap as a proxy to ADS and mapping some
attributes. But I am not sure about what ldap attributes are neccessary
for the samba-server.

Is there any way to accomplish that?

(Using PAM on the samba-server requires clear text passwords enabled and
that does not work together with our windows clients).


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