[Samba] Preserve Windows File permissions with extended attributes under Samba 3.6

Derek Lewis dlewis at mtu.edu
Tue Oct 5 01:39:45 MDT 2010

I have successfully compiled and installed Samba 3.6 with extended
attributes enabled (ext4 partition) to preserve the Windows XP file
create/modified dates.


With that problem solved, I want to control the file permissions in order to
preserve Windows file access controls when copied to the Samba share.


With extended attributes enabled as described above, can I also store the
permissions information?


What is a good reference for ACL manipulation?


On a related note, how should fstab be configured to preserve the user
permission on files copied to the share?


I can provide my current fstab and Samba configuration if it would help.
Though it is fairly basic.



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