[Samba] Pb with net command

Hervé Hénoch h.henoch at isc84.org
Mon Oct 4 02:45:20 MDT 2010


When I want to add a user  with the following command (Version 
3.5.5-SerNet-Debian on lenny) :

net rpc user add <user>

I have the message :  Failed to add user <user> with error: No such User.

But in my LDAP database, the user is added only in Posix sense 
(objectClass=PosixGroup without objectClass=sambaSamAccount).

The underlying user for this command is root (which is in "Domain 
Admins" and gidNUmber=512).

The same command with a user which have the domain's include rights run 
well :

net rpc user add <user> -Uadmin : ok


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