[Samba] Files in samba share cannot be deleted after copying failed.

Tao Wang Tao_Wang at symantec.com
Fri Nov 26 03:34:54 MST 2010


We are using samba 3.5.3 and ctdb-1.0.114 on SuSe Linux. When we copy a big files from Windows XP into samba share, the network is down. copying failed.

After repaired the network, mount the share again. we cannot remove the failed copying file in the samba share. It prompted 'there is another program are using this file...'

Form SuSe side(samba server), It's a 'DENY_ALL' lock on the file even the session of Windows XP is terminated.

sfs2_02:/var/lib/samba # smbstatus |grep DENY
Processing section "[share1]"
Processing section "[share2]"
Processing section "[share11]"
1:7766       1004       DENY_NONE  0x100081    RDONLY     NONE             /share/fs2   .   Fri Nov 26 04:32:28 2010
1:7766       1004       DENY_NONE  0x100081    RDONLY     NONE             /share/fs2   .   Fri Nov 26 04:32:28 2010
1:7766       1004       DENY_ALL   0x30196     WRONLY     EXCLUSIVE+BATCH  /share/fs2   meego-netbook-chromium-ia32-1.0-20100524.1.img.lock   Fri Nov 26 04:32:44 2010

googled with 'DENY_ALL'. and tried server parameter(veto oplock files/reset on zero vc/locking) of smb.conf, but still cannot work. Am we missing something? Or, how we solve this copying issue?

Very appreciate your help!

Paste smb.conf
        clustering = yes
        realm = smtc
        netbios name = smtc
        netbios aliases = A1 A2
        workgroup = sm
        security = user
        preferred master = no
        domain master = no
        local master = no
        encrypt passwords = yes
        password server = sm-kbqgd6
        idmap uid = 10000-1000000
        idmap gid = 10000-1000000
        idmap backend = rid:sm=10000-1000000
        allow trusted domains = no
        load printers = no
        printcap name = /dev/null
        disable spoolss = yes
        winbind enum users = no
        winbind enum groups = no
        winbind use default domain = yes
        log level = 2 passdb:3 auth:3 winbind:3
        log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
        browseable = yes
        lanman auth = no
        ntlm auth = yes
        obey pam restrictions = no
        kernel change notify = no
        ea support = no
        store dos attributes = no
        host msdfs = yes
        ldap admin dn =
        ldap suffix =
        map to guest = Bad User
        machine password timeout = 2147483647
        vfs objects =
        aio read size = 0
        aio write size = 0
        locking = no
interfaces =
wins support = no




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