[Samba] VPN/WAN Domain members

Christian Rost cr at rocon-it.de
Thu Nov 25 02:27:43 MST 2010


the problem you're describing is common to such setups. IMHO the following will help you in your setup:

1. raise the VPN timeouts
This should prevent your VPN to go offline.

2. install a PDC/ BDC in each location
Distribute distribute domain specific information to all locations, so you don't rely so heavily on your VPN. The samba-howto gives you information about the setup (Chapter 5. Backup Domain Control -> LDAP Configuration Notes). 

For this setup you need a Linux-box in each location. Depending on the needed performance/ size of your locations/ ... , it can range from something like a "Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH with OpenWRT"  up to a small server.


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--------ray klassen <julius_ahenobarbus at yahoo.co.uk> wrote--------
Subject: [Samba] VPN/WAN Domain members
Date: 24.11.2010 18:15

>I have about 60 PC's running windows XP behind vpn routers in different 
>locations. I find that they lose connection or sync (or whatever the right
>is) to the domain periodically, probably when the vpn shuts down due to
>demand. The result is that any domain user not already in the local
>hash cache cannot log in and any local share with domain permissions on it
>not allow the a domain account access if the pc is not rebooted. Is there
>way to force windows to resync without a reboot or to make XP more fault 
>tolerant to slower connections to the samba domain?
>Thanks in advance. etc...
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