[Samba] robust file transfers in Samba

Derek Lewis dlewis at mtu.edu
Thu Nov 18 01:25:31 MST 2010

I have Samba 3.5.6 working, now I am interested in ensuring that the file
transfers to/from my server are robust.  I have seen some threads on file
corruption and I wondered if there are recommended setups for Samba and the
server to make the file transfers as reliable as possible; cache flushing
and op-locks?


This may be unnecessary, though I wanted to look into this question before I
start moving a lot of data to the server.


On a related note, when I un-map my connection to Samba, Windows XP pops up
a window warning that there are files still open.  I have closed the
relevant applications and files but the message persists.  This is a windows
issue but I wanted to ask if anyone else has seen this while connecting to a
Samba share.

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