[Samba] Need help changing user password

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Thu Nov 18 00:05:30 MST 2010

Realy simple:

LOgin as administrator to your windows client.
Use the tool Active Directory Users and Groups
within windows.
If you do not have it. Install it from the Microsoft page.

Be aware:

Of Password Policy Settings!!

Along with Samba4 the Password Policy you can only set from console, with 
'net  pwsettings ' command.
net  pwsettings  –help:

usage: (show | set <options>)

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -H H                  LDB URL for database or target server
  --quiet               Be quiet
                        The password complexity (on | off | default).
                        is 'on'
                        The password history length (<integer> | default).
                        Default is 24.
                        The minimum password length (<integer> | default).
                        Default is 7.
                        The minimum password age (<integer in days> |
                        default).  Default is 1.
                        The maximum password age (<integer in days> |
                        default).  Default is 43.

  Samba Common Options:
    -s FILE, --configfile=FILE
                        Configuration file
    -d DEBUGLEVEL, --debuglevel=DEBUGLEVEL
                        debug level
    --option=OPTION     set smb.conf option from command line
    --realm=REALM       set the realm name

  Credentials Options:
                        DN to use for a simple bind
    -U USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
    -W WORKGROUP, --workgroup=WORKGROUP
    -N, --no-pass       Don't ask for a password
    -k KERBEROS, --kerberos=KERBEROS
                        Use Kerberos

  Version Options:
    --version           Display version number

So I set my Password Policy:

net  pwsettings  set –--complexity=off
net  pwsettings  set ---max-pwd-age=60 #<---60 Days
net  pwsettings  set –min-pwd-length=5

net  pwsettings  show:

[root at node1 ~]# net pwsettings show
Password informations for domain 'DC=tuebingen,DC=tst,DC=loc'

Password complexity: off
Password history length: 24
Minimum password length: 5
Minimum password age (days): 1

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I am currently using Samba4 Alpha13 but I have not been
able to change a users password. I curently can add a
user using ldbadd and a ldif file but I would like to
know the recommended way of changing a users password.
It would be nice if it could be done from the 
adminstrator account so that you do not need to know
the original password. Thanks for the help!


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