[Samba] NT_STATUS_IO_DEVICE_ERROR while accessing a mounted filesystem

oywoywoyw oywoywoyw at 163.com
Wed Nov 17 06:37:36 MST 2010

  I mount a filesystem as directory /mnt/newfs in suse and success to access this dir or create files in this dir,so the filesystem is ok;
  But when I try to connect this filesystem from another suse with cmd "smbclient //" and enter passwd, I can login,but when I try to access the dirctory,it prints error"NT_STATUS_IO_DEVICE_ERROR";
  I set log level=5 in smb.conf,the error place in log.smbd is"reduce_name:couldn't get realpath for *",why?
  help please,thank you.


        oywoywoyw at 163.com

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