[Samba] how to remotely join workstations from commandline no ADS

Hubert Choma hubert.ch at wp.pl
Tue Nov 16 02:22:38 MST 2010

It is any commandline to remotely join workstation to domain (pdbedit 
backend) . On WIKI I have found

net dom join
command but it is for Active Directory . I don't have AD so how can I 
add remotely computer ?

I have following problem with one computer which lost authentication 
with samba server. This is due to connection to another network (not my) 
in which is MS 2003 server which provide internet connection to this 
I can't map any disk from any user (admin, domain admin etc.) of this 
host (from my machine) and  can't see remotely logs or running services 
from administrative tools. This host is unavailable from network . Ping 
running ok.
I can see this host on network neighbourhood but when i click on this 
computer I see password prompt . It seems like host was unjoin from 

It is strange because I have manually add this computer and user which 
work on this machine to domain. And it works for a few months until it 
was connected to second network.

[2010/10/11 09:51:52,  3] smbd/vfs.c:vfs_init_custom(130)
  Initialising custom vfs hooks from [/[Default VFS]/]
[2010/10/11 09:51:52,  2] 
  netlogon_creds_server_check: credentials check failed.
[2010/10/11 09:51:52,  0] 
  _netr_ServerAuthenticate2: netlogon_creds_server_check failed. Rejecting 
auth request from client SM1 machine account SM1$
[2010/10/11 09:51:52,  3] 

My smb ver. 3.3.8-0.52.el5_5.2

Pleas help

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