[Samba] getting error with setfacl

Alan Hodgson ahodgson at reinvent.com
Wed Nov 3 17:07:29 MDT 2010

On November 3, 2010, "James D. Parra" <jamesp at musicreports.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have joined the Linux server (Suse 11.2) to the Windows domain
> (win2003) and users can login to the server using their window's domain
> credentials. Also can view all of the domain groups using 'wbinfo -g',
> however when I try to set the acls on a local dir' I get the follow
> error;
> #setfacl -m g:DOMAIN\\groupname:r /tmp/testacl
> setfacl: Option -m: Invalid argument near character 3
> The same error occurs if I use a domain user, although I can add a local
> Linux user or group. What am I overlooking?

setfacl has no idea about smb group or user names. You probably need to 
setup winbindd/nsswitch to map domain groups and users to local groups and 
users before you can assign acls.

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