[Samba] StorNext CVFS

Brian McGrew brian at visionpro.com
Sat Nov 13 11:39:30 MST 2010

Morning All!

Anyone ever tried exporting a StorNext CVFS filesystem from a Linux box???

I¹ve got this Samba server (3.5.6) running on CentOS 5.4 and it¹s working
fine, exporting ext3, nfs and an IBM GPFS filesystem just fine.  So I know
Samba is good an my configuration is working.

I tried to add the exportation of a StorNext CVFS volume and that doesn¹t
work.  All the other volumes still work just fine, but when I try to connect
to this new volume I get ... Is not accessible, you might not have
permission, etc ... The parameter is incorrect.

Hoping someone else might have gone down this road before...  For those who
haven¹t, Quantum StorNext is a clustered/HA filesystem that really sits
somewhere between the category of vaporware and smokeware!  It¹s very poorly
documented and their support sucks ­ standard answer is ³you can¹t do that²
for just about everything.  Now my StorNext server is cheerfully exporting
his filesystem natively to Windows, Linux and Mac clients, so I know he¹s
working fine.

I also know this is most likely not a Samba problem, but with Quantum¹s ³you
can¹t do that² attitude, I¹m hoping someone here has some knowledge that the
documentation missed!



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