[Samba] samba as PDC, win 2003 as bdc

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Sat Nov 13 09:52:43 MST 2010

> is it possible to add a wind 2003 machine as BDC to a samba domain.

The Samba3-HOWTO, Chapter 5, contains the following:

Samba-3 cannot participate in true SAM replication and is therefore not 
able to employ precisely the same protocols used by MS Windows NT4. A 
Samba-3 BDC will not create SAM update delta files. It will not 
interoperate with a PDC (NT4 or Samba) to synchronize the SAM from delta 
files that are held by BDCs.
Samba-3 cannot function as a BDC to an MS Windows NT4 PDC, and Samba-3 
cannot function correctly as a PDC to an MS Windows NT4 BDC. Both 
Samba-3 and MS Windows NT4 can function as a BDC to its own type of PDC.

> Is documentation documentation available ?

Yes. You can start with:

The Official Samba 3.5.x HOWTO and Reference Guide
Samba3 By Example

Both come with the Samba packages, in HTML and PDF formats, or can be 
viewed online at www.samba.org.

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