[Samba] FreeBSD 8.1 & Samba4 alpha11 domain controller - cldapd bind problem

Oeboema oeboema at sthuma.nl
Thu Nov 11 15:06:31 MST 2010

> Samba 4 Alpha 11 is pretty old now.  Have you tried Alpha 13?  I don't
> know if it will fix the problem, of course, but I think it's worth a
> try.

Alpha 11 is the latest version available in the FreeBSD ports. Because
of the amount of patches and the outstanding work of the port
maintainer I would l stick to this one. I will however try to compile
alpha 13 myself but this will take a lot of time...

> Are you specifying a particular interface/address in smb.conf?  Do you need to?

Without any interface/address in smb.conf the same problem occurs.
You're correct that I do not have to specify any interface/address but
was hoping this would kickstart cldapd.

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