[Samba] 100% CPU using OSX client

Ben XO me at ben-xo.com
Thu Nov 11 01:13:44 MST 2010

Hi there,

Normally happy OSX (10.6.4) user here. I am accessing a samba share on
my Gentoo linux machine (i know, i know...) which is running
samba-3.4.9 at the moment.

When I try to copy files from a CD on my mac to the smb:// share,
after every few files the transfer will pause for a few seconds, and
during the pause the linux machine will use 100% cpu - the result is a
very obvious "stop-start-stop-start" on the CD drive.

However, when I copy the same files from the same CD to the same
share, using the same computer, but from Windows 7 instead of OSX,
there is no such slowness. Very bizarre.

I've tried one or two things I've found on Google such as turning on
or off delayed ACK on the OSX client (no difference) or adding or
removing tuning options in smb config such as TCP_NODELAY - again, no
change. Using my powers of educated guessing, I would say that the OSX
client is trying to do something with the samba share between each
file that Windows is not; but I really have no idea.

Any suggestions appreciated, thank you in advance.

Ben XO / Last.fm / Bassdrive / DI.FM

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