[Samba] [obnox at samba.org: 3.6:idmap:Q2: get rid of (all/most) idmap alloc parameters for idmap_ldap ?]

Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Wed Nov 10 03:58:58 MST 2010

Hi Samba Users,

I forgot to send this mail to the samba ML, too.

The question is whether anyone is using the idmap alloc
config options for idmap_ldap. I would like to remove
them for Samba 3.6. Details below.

Thanks - Michael

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Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 11:19:56 +0100
From: Michael Adam <obnox at samba.org>
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Subject: 3.6:idmap:Q2: get rid of (all/most) idmap alloc parameters for
	idmap_ldap ?


a second question about config-visible idmap changes I propose
for samba 3.6:

In my idmap rewrite, I kept the alloc related parameters for the
LDAP idmap backend for now:

- idmap alloc config : ldap_url
- idmap alloc config : ldap_base_dn
- idmap alloc config : ldap_user_dn

and the related idmap alloc secret.

I would like to get rid of these.

Therefore, I am asking here, if there is
anyone out there using these?
I can not imagine a reason why one would
want to use different server and/or user+password
for storing the uid/gid counter.

The only option that I would attest a certain, though minimal,
right to exist is the ldap_base_dn. But usually, it should
imho ok to store the uid/gid counter in the same location
as the mappings.

So, again: Are these options needed/used at all?
Or can I remove them for 3.6.0 ?

Cheers - Michael

Note: If we need to keep any of the options, the current form
(idmap alloc config : <option> = ...) would reference
the default config, but my idmap rewrite would enable us
to set these on a per-domain basis, which would call
for options like this "idmap config DOMAIN : alloc_<option>")

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