[Samba] Very odd problem

Donny Brooks dbrooks at mdah.state.ms.us
Mon Nov 1 07:34:17 MDT 2010

I had previously tried to migrate our PDC to a new machine by simply 
copying the config over and such. That failed miserably but luckily the 
various home servers (BDC's in samba speak I think) took up the slack. 
So after much debate, this weekend we moved the PDC back to the original 
machine. We never moved LDAP off of the original machine, as only samba 
functions moved.

I now know I did not move the PDC properly, as I should have set the new 
one up as a BDC and then made sure everything was working, then shut 
down the PDC and promote the new one to PDC by setting proper settings 
in smb.conf. With all that behind me I still face a few issues:

Our users are still unable to do the CTRL+ALT+DEL change password 
through windows. This only started occurring after the original move. 
Looking through the log.nmbd it appears it couldn't find the master 
browser. So after setting the stuff back to the original location and 
deleting the wins.tdb and wins.dat files on all the home servers and PDC 
I started up the PDC and then the others. I get this on the PDC:

[2010/11/01 08:09:04, 10] 
   announce_myself_to_domain_master_browser: t (1288616942) - 
last(1288616642) < 900
[2010/11/01 08:09:04,  4] nmbd/nmbd_workgroupdb.c:281(dump_workgroups)
    dump workgroup on subnet netmask=
         ADMIN(1) current master browser = ROARK
                 ROARK 408c9b2b (Roark)
                 ARCHIVES3 40809b1b (ARCHIVES3)
[2010/11/01 08:09:04,  4] nmbd/nmbd_workgroupdb.c:281(dump_workgroups)
    dump workgroup on subnet  UNICAST_SUBNET: netmask=
         WORKGROUP(6) current master browser = TESTPC1
         HPSEARCH(5) current master browser = SEARCHROOM1
         MYGROUP(4) current master browser = GISDUMP
         HPRES(3) current master browser = MSTOLL
         HP(2) current master browser = HSMT1
         ADMIN(1) current master browser = UNKNOWN
                 ROARK 40899b2b (Roark)

Roark is our PDC and Archives3 is our main BDC (secondary LDAP too). 
Something don't look quite right here since it appears it is trying to 
talk to two seperate Roark's.... ROARK 408c9b2b (Roark) first and then 
ROARK 40899b2b (Roark) secondly. What could cause this?

I just need to get this working as it was then we can work on getting 
the replacement done right. Thanks in advance.

Donny B.

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