[Samba] To create Samba domain

Kyung-sub Han dichks at otto.co.kr
Mon May 31 00:40:14 MDT 2010

Dear all,


I installed Samba version 3.2.7-11.9.1-2306-SUSE-CODE11 on Linux SuSE 11.

I tried to create Samba domain and groups following as:


>net getlocalsid testserver

SID for domain testserver is: S-1-5-21-3489264249-1556752242-1837584028

>net groupmap add sid= S-1-5-21-3489264249-1556752242-1837584028
ntgroup="Domain Admins" unixgroup=ntadmin

 adding entry for group System Managers failed

>net groupmap add ntgroup="System Managers" unixgroup=sysadmin

 No rid or sid specified, choosing a RID

Got RID 1005

adding entry for group System Managers failed!


I don't know what major problems are there and how to solve these problems.

Could you please tell me some hints what predicated steps before to create
Samba domain or major problems for my try?


Thank you,


Kyung-sub Han

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IT P&C Team



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