[Samba] unable to join to a Samba4 domain

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Mon May 31 04:15:47 MDT 2010

Am 31.05.2010 11:58, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:

>> Can you resolve all of the samba4 generated dns records externally
>> (http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba4/HOWTO Configure DNS section),
>> such as
>> host -t SRV _ldap._tcp.samdom.example.com.
> Yes, it works correctly (as is /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba_dnsupdate
> --verbose).
> You'll find an attached pcap file produced by Wireshark made on the
> Windows XP machine.
> It shows DNS and LDAP queries flow both ways.
> Do you see anything unusual there?

I see Samba list strips off the attachments.

Here it is, once again:


Tomasz Chmielewski

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