[Samba] libsmbclient licensing

Andrew Marinchuk radist-hack at yandex.ru
Fri May 28 04:07:55 MDT 2010

Dear Samba team,

We have developed cross-platform multiprotocol intranet file searcher 
and it includes the module (SMB scanner for *nix) which uses 
libsmbclient to enumerate all files on smb shares ("uses" means 
including headers and linking with library). Other modules also use some 
external libraries, but all other libraries have LGPL license.
We prefer to publish our searcher's code under BSD license, but 
GPL-license of libsmbclient forces us to use GPL. According to our local 
laws, such GPL requirements are invalid, also we don't see why client 
library does not use LGPL, however if libsmbclient license will never be 
licensed under LGPL, we will use double licensing scheme (although this 
is not what we want).

Are there a chance that libsmbclient will be licensed under LGPL? Or 
could someone give use permission to link libsmbclient with BSD code?
Thanks in advance!

With Best Regards,
Amdrew Marinchuk

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