[Samba] fixed delay logging onto Samba3.3 from Vista Business

David Mathog mathog at caltech.edu
Thu May 27 14:19:40 MDT 2010

Marc Cain wrote:
> When the following local GPO is left in its default setting Samba
domain logons are delayed for 30 seconds: "Computer
Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\User Profiles\Set maximum
wait time for the network if the user has a roaming user profile or
remote home directory."  

Changed this (set to 0) and it knocked the logon time down to 22
seconds.  Checked the netlogon and wireshark logs and the 30 second gap
was gone.  However, the 15 second gap is still present, as are the
corresponding ICMP pings from the client to the server.  Have to modify
the server's firewall rules to allow icmp ping from the client unless
somebody knows where the registry key is that controls those pings.


David Mathog
mathog at caltech.edu
Manager, Sequence Analysis Facility, Biology Division, Caltech

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